As soon as a person feels the innate longing to awake to his true being and to live his true life, he comes into contact with a spiritual teacher. On our way we are at the same time teachers and learners for each other and it is very helpful, to recognise this in the place in which we are just now in our life. Our awoken soul-awareness is the master in us. We recognise an external spiritual teacher by the fact that he encourages us to follow our own inner guidance. He will let us participate in traditional knowledge and helpful methods of the freeing from the conditionings and suggestions of humanity, as well as in his own recognitions and steps of the self-activation to create living conditions in which we can awake to our true being and true life.

Now, after the death of my very beloved husband Frederick James Bassett in 2004 and after the years of mourning I wanted to be just a supporting presence in the place in which life has put me. This would have meant to be there simply for my family, my friends and neighbours as well as for the team in the Nature-Reserve-Hotel “Weilquelle”. However, then everything happened quite differently and unexpectedly: The book by Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich, which we had published in 1993 in our publishing company CSA on suggestion of Roy Eugene Davis, became “Top seller of the publishing company” in 2007. In the meantime my friend Reinhard Eichelbeck and I have made an audio record of the book. It was published in December 2007 also by the publishing company CSA as an audio-book.

The book of Wattles had inspired Rhonda Byrne to her world best-seller “THE SECRET”, which in turn contributed to the breakthrough of our Wattles book. By the many letters to our publishing company I recognised like my colleagues in the USA that practical support is quite important for the realisation of spiritual laws. Thus I felt invoked again. I want to bring in myself once more for the many people with their burning questions. After having made this decision, life started to push me as I experienced it already 30 years before in the cooperation with Roy Eugene Davis. (See article “My encounter with Roy Eugene Davis”)

Because I spend one half of the year in Germany and the other half in California, life could lead me so intelligently that I have come into closer contact again with friendly spiritual teachers in the USA. Some of them have still become more known as teachers by “THE SECRET” and used our publication of Wattles as an occasion to motivate me to cooperate. Immediately common plans were made.

In addition life has challenged me to realise another perception. Most spiritual searchers are aware that we are merely travellers on this planet. We are, so to speak, on the “Dream-ship Earth”. Spiritually awoken people know that they are citizens of eternity and live as those already in the one reality. We are invoked for bringing our true being by our awoken consciousness and, above all, by unconditional love into this relative world. What this means is illustrated by the following words of Mira Alfasa:

At first one loves only if one is loved,
Then one loves spontaneously, but also wants to be loved,
Later one loves, even if one is not loved,
But one cares about the fact that the love is accepted,
And, in the end, one loves purely and simply, without another need
And without another joy, than only to love.

And if we have not arrived there yet, it is worth while looking where we possibly have got stuck:

  • Duty without love makes irksome
  • Responsibility without love makes regardless
  • Justice without love makes hard
  • Truth without love makes addicted to criticism
  • Education without love makes inconsistent
  • Cleverness without love makes sly
  • Friendliness without love makes hypocritical
  • Order without love makes punctilious
  • Skill without love makes dogmatic
  • Power without love makes violent
  • Honour without love makes haughty
  • Possession without love makes stingy
  • Faith without love makes fanatical.
  • There is only one supreme power on earth, and that is love!

Over and over again these are the challenges which carry us on to the next step of understanding or loving. Why is that so? Because every challenge needs our innermost potential to pass it. And by every passed challenge we dispose of a greater developed potential. This is our profit.

To accept challenges and to pass them with all our inner strength is a true blessing. To achieve this we need suitable support and instructions in the different areas of life.

My desired aim is still “to be supporting presence” in the place in which life has put me. And to that I would like to encourage all the people who touch my life. And what we put in circulation returns to us increased.

Since the beginning of my spiritual awakening these words of Laotse accompany me:

Who in his mind and spirit knows to be one with all and everything,
Remains preserved from separate being and conflict.
Who, practicing gentleness, purifies senses and soul,
becomes, equal to the child, heaven’s heir.
Who, caring for clearness, looks inwards,
Reaches insight and the vision of the truth.
Who leads others by love, by himself keeping calm,
Creates order without activities and prescriptions.
Because giving and receiving to him are one, he opens,
Equal to the motherly universal mind,
The gates of heaven to everyone.
Because he is inwardly open, everything is open to him without knowledge.
The fact that he is nourishing and preserving without holding,
That he works without retaining and keeping,
That he leads without ruling, this is the virtue of the calm.

As the first step in the realisation I started with TeleSeminars in April 2008, so that I can remain in contact with interested people and friends in Europe during the time of my presence in California. In addition, I will introduce other seminar leaders and authors as well as interesting seminars.

From the middle of June I am back again in Germany and offer seminars, also together with my friend and colleague Guenter A. Furtenbacher.

I am looking forward to every encounter and invite you to read also my speech to the 10th Anniversary of CSA in 1987 or to download it: To live and work in the feeling of oneness.
Furthermore we will put regularly new contributions to be downloaded on my website. In addition, I suggest to the readers to recommend these valuable contributions to friends and interested people, particularly as they are free of charge and enrich very much. (see also here)

Cordially Yours
Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett

Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett