Roy Eugene Davis

In December, 1970 during a life crisis I was led to the book “This is Reality” by Roy Eugene Davis. The leaflet of the bookstore promised: Who obeys the exercises recommended in this book, will be freed of all grief. This book became my constant companion. For years I have worked with the book according to my own inner guidance. By quiet contemplation about the different segments of the book my understanding grew more and more and I experienced the stream of  power which radiated from Davis, a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and therefore from the guru line of these masters. “This is Reality“ was up to now the only book by Davis which was published in German. By a friend I received the English issues of the following books: “The Secret of the Inner Strength”, “Time, Space and Condition”, “Studies in Truth” a comment to the “Bhagavad-Gita” and a meditation cassette.

I learned English and worked the way up through his books with the dictionary on my knees. From his book “The Secret of the Inner Strength” I learnt the “creative imagination” methods. Now I started to imagine one day to be allowed to spend some time in his centre (CSA Centre for Spiritual Awareness, Lakemont USA). I saw and felt myself already there. And the law of the “creative imagination” came true. In the beginning of 1977 I wrote to Davis that his book “This is reality” had to be published anew urgently. I knew that the book was out of print and my friends already made photocopies of it. In addition, I offered to learn even more English to translate his other books. At this time I did not know yet, wherefrom I should take the money for the flight and whether the holiday time which was already fixed for 1977 was the right time, and whether I could accommodate my children well. At short notice I received for August, 1977 an invitation by Davis to a teacher seminar in which disciples from all over the world would take part. In the meantime, there were new obstacles. I was already very ill for weeks and now I could get no charter flight in a normal way. However, I became a witness of a coming true law of “creative imagination”. Four days before the invitation I received money from a channel of which I had not thought before and by which I expected nothing at all. I could accommodate my children well for three weeks, against expectation the determined holiday time was exactly the time in which I was invited to Lakemont, and two hours before takeoff I received another flight ticket for a charter flight. I felt like a figure on the chess board and regarded how everything went off without my intervention like a clockwork.

Arrived in Lakemont, I had many questions on my mind. When I took a deep breath to formulate my questions, Davis said: “I know your questions, in eight days you know who you are, where you come from and where you go, you know your place in this life and fulfil your personal destiny.” Then he has passed me some cassettes of his lectures, some books of K. O. Schmidt, Joel S. Goldsmith and “The Essays” of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I still had some days for myself, before the other disciples arrived and could prepare well for the seminar.

Davis is 46 years old (1978), married and has children. His beautiful wife who worked quietly and unselfishly at his side will accompany him on his trip to Europe. Davis was taught by his guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, after he met him in Los Angeles, California in 1949. He was initiated during the summer, 1950 in Kriya Yoga by Yogananda and was asked by him to teach in autumn, 1951. Then after about two years in the US Army (Medical Corps) he started his independent teaching activity. Indeed, after the years with Yogananda he was experienced in yoga practise, but not how he should live in the world. Therefore, he visited (in the south of California) many successful New Thought teachers. Among others, Joel S. Goldsmith, Ernest Holmes, Ernest Wilson, Manly P. Sound, Walter C. Lanyon and Neville Goddard. They were all friends and shared their consciousness completely with him. These contacts gave him a higher understanding. On account of her influence and the present need he is still strongly connected with the whole New Thought Movement, (e.g., with Unity and Science of Mind).

Now for 25 years Davis teaches the spiritual laws which wake and unfold the forces slumbering within people. He is worldwide an approved teacher for yoga and methods of higher meditation. He is a guest teacher at universities and numerous New Thought Centres, in many parts of the United States as well as in Canada and Europe. In the meantime, he has written 14 books which give inspiring answers to questions of our time. His books are spread internationally. Davis is in touch with other teachers of truth.

In the meantime, he has published in English seven books of K. O Schmidt and also written a book about Taniguchi, the “Genius of Japan”. Taniguchi on his part has published some books of Davis in Japan. In California Davis has met Swami Muktananda and has dedicated to him several pages in his monthly appearing magazine.

I liked this collaboration. Millions shout for help. Many searching people are confused by different traditions, systems and methods. But the way of self-realisation does not need to confuse by traditions, systems and methods. There is only one way. Davis does not own this one way, he teaches it. The guidelines of the purification of thinking and consciousness always remain the same.

With Davis everything is very easy. His talent, to express the deepest secrets of life simply and clearly, is very releasing. Yogananda taught that we all can awake in this life and experience the truth by ourselves. Davis said in addition that we need no lifetime for this, for merely a few years of serious study, research, discipline, regular meditation and devotion of all activities to God lead us, in the end, to enlightenment.

Thus it is the purpose of CSA (Davis leads the centre) to offer suitable information for a natural life and to inspire all searching, to fulfil their personal destiny. Davis knows that there is an evolutionary intention which moves into the direction of a new era, and he feels that CSA is an essential part of this process. By his books and his monthly magazine he informs about his knowledge and encourages and motivates people on the way to self-realization. By many quite personal experiences I could find out that Davis is a channel for the highest consciousness which works through him. He does not influence, he allows to happen. His whole effort is aimed at the own development of his disciples and all searching who come to him. He only stimulates and does not intervene in their life. He binds nobody personally to himself, but wants his disciples to be as independent as he is. He allows the people who want to co-operate with him to appear on their own and does not manipulate them. If somebody asks his device, he says: open yourself to the stream of the highest consciousness and follow your own inner guidance.

Davis was always in a serene calmness. I recognised more every day that he lives what he teaches. Everything what he writes and says he is himself. A lot of what I only suspected before became a certainty. I realised my true nature and that we don’t have to climb to a higher state of consciousness, but that we only need to become conscious of the fact that the highest consciousness is our nature. At his side I became conscious of the “one power, one presence and one substance in this and as this manifested universe”. When I perceived the existence of those forces by whose reactions our wanting, feeling, thinking, speaking and acting is released in the subconscious, I recognised how these forces are combined to an extrasensory organism, and that they are identical with the powers which form our destiny. The veil of ignorance tore and I realised that I myself am master and creator of my destiny, and that my circumstances and experiences are determined by the processes in my inner life. After I realised this, the value of the commandments was clear to me and the teachings of Jesus Christ came to my mind. It is the ignorance which holds us in bondage and causes grief. I understood the words of Shankara (main exponent of the Vedanta, 800 years A.D.): “Only knowledge will set you free”, and the words of Jesus: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

From this moment I completely surrendered to the inner guidance with a feeling of “not my will, but thine, father, be done.” I recognised my previous guidance and my place in this life and knew that I have become a channel and how the highest consciousness wants to work through me. I felt as my inner mission not only to translate the books of Davis and his Truth Journal, but also to take him personally to the German-speaking countries.

At the end of the seminar everybody was asked to share something with the group from his area of life. Hereby I described the situation in Germany and expressed my just mentioned intention. Davis himself was quiet about it. Only short before my departure he asked me to come to him. He transferred the rights for translation and publishing of all his books to me, authorised the foundation of CSA Germany and agreed to a lecture tour in spring, 1978. He made no terms at all and also gave me no advice, but said only: “Follow your own inner guidance, what ever you do has my approval.”

In October, 1977 I founded CSA Germany and since then regularly publish the Truth Journal. In addition, I have already translated the book “Creative Imagination“, and up to the lecture tour of Davis the second book “An Easy Guide to Meditation” will also be finished. CSA publishes the books and bears the costs for the lecture tour of Roy Eugene Davis (whereby Davis himself claims neither fee nor royalties).

As CSA Lakemont works on a non-profit basis, all income from the European trip is also used by Davis to cover the costs. Just as the sales revenues of Davis books and events in the States flow to his centre, the revenues from the book sales in Germany will flow to CSA Germany and merely be used for the charitable statute tasks to whose fulfilment many unselfish friends and helpers now contribute already.

Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett