K. O. Schmidt

K. O. Schmidt: in memoriam

In December 1977 the well-known author and teacher K. O. Schmidt made his transition. More than 100 books with millions of sold copies, covering the principles of life and this universe, show his ambitious and always-active life.

Eight days before his transition I followed his invitation and visited him, and together we intensively covered the planned series of speeches and seminars for and with Roy Eugene Davis. K. O. Schmidt supported me with his rich experience and suggestions, as also with a couple of fruitful contacts.

Alfred Richard Walther, whom K. O. Schmidt nominated as his follower, actively supported this meeting.

After these productive days with K. O. Schmidt I traveled home, deeply impressed by his radiant soul. When I got the message on his transition some days later I remembered his last words he spoke to me: “Now I will go to the Silence”.”

Yet before our meeting K. O. Schmidt told his writer-friend Walther, as reported to me later: “Ms. Schneider took over her tasks willingly and joyfully, without knowing what and how much will happen. We will support her in her work with everything we can.” K. O. Schmidt had been very happy and he very concerned about Roy Eugene Davis visiting Europe, and he himself was expressing it with the following welcome address.


K. O. Schmidt welcoming Roy Eugene Davis:


Roy Eugene Davis — welcome in Europe!

Dear Roy Eugene Davis!

As we are are linked together since a long time through the spiritual brotherhood CSA (Center for Spiritual Awareness) and the already done work for the dynamic development of consiousness of mankind I am glad that you include Europe and the German-speaking countries into your great activity with lectures and seminars and that you are going to speak in Germany.

You are well-known over here since your book “This is reality” had been published in German language and it is known that through your cooperation with Paramahansa Yogananda and his …… as teacher for Kriya Yoga you are an ideal channel for teaching the practise of self realization. This is complementary to your harmonious cooperation with leading teachers of New Thought, Unity, Science of Mind and relevant groups dedicated to the upheaval of Man.

Least but not last I am particularly happy about the productive cooperation with CSA, headed by you, as CSA has published some of my well acknowledged “Books of Life” in the United States of America.

Not less than mine is your path blessed with numerous publications. I remember to your Yoga instructions like “Yoga Darsana”, your work on the Bhagavad Gita, books like “Creative Imagination”, “Hidden Teachings of Jesus”, “Studies in Truth” and “Miracle Man of Japan” (on Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi, founder of Seicho-No-le). I wish that more of your books will published in German language!

What I particularly welcome is the universality of your efforts, which lovingly includes all the advanced spiritual-religious movements, and promotes them. You may therefore be sure that a lot of friends from New Thought and Unity, Science of Mind and Theosophy, Grail and Rosicrucian, Yoga and Vedanta whose work of self-realization and higher development of Man and unity is dedicated to the people, will welcome the opportunity to personally meet you. You will find attentive ears and responsive hearts in Europe!

May your trip to Europe, and may be crowned with success the work of your friends here!

In the spirit of unity! Reutlingen, 14 December 1977

K. O. Schmidt


Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett