Guenter A. Furtenbacher

Guenter Alfred Furtenbacher came into my life in 1985. He was employed at first on account of his professional development as an editor and translator in the publishing company CSA. By his excellent collaboration and knowledge of English he gave a valuable support to the publishing company in the publication of the SCIENCE of MIND course by Ernest Holmes. Günter Furtenbacher has translated the whole course (48 seminar booklets) in four years and has made it printable. By this translation work he could intensively deal with the teachings of Ernest Holmes and draw a big profit for his personal development from it.


We accompanied together more than 600 participants of this course about four years in seminars in which we practised the affirming life-style with the participants. In the same time Günter Furtenbacher has finished a three-year education in the integrative breath therapy which enabled him to accompany the seminar participants with their radical transformation helpfully.


Since 1990 Günter Alfred Furtenbacher is also a licensed trainer for Gordon seminars and has led Intensive-Workshops with me and our team of assistants in communication as well as in self-love, self-esteem and self acceptance. In addition, we carried out together a two-year “education in holistic self-development” and trained, besides, in a three-year education also group and seminar leader.


Even though Günter recognised his true task more and more in the seminar activity, he has accomplished the publication of our “CSA magazine for a healthy and fulfilled life” up to the cancellation of our association in 2003. He has published the special issues of the magazine at the end of the year as a present to our CSA friends in the publishing company CSA as collections with the subjects:


  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Health
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Healing of the inner child
  • Yes to life
  • Creativity
  • Love


Guenter A. Furtenbacher during a seminar with Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett at CSA Seminar-Hotel and Nature Resort “Weilquelle”

Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett