PhD habil. Hans Endres

On the occasion of the first European INTA Congress in November, 1983 in the New Old Opera in Frankfurt organized by Rosemarie Schneider as a representative and chairperson of the INTA (International New Thought Alliance) Dr. Hans Endres spoke to 1300 invited guests about

New Thought in Germany

The New Thought classics like Mulford, Trine, Hamblin, Marden and so on, based on the life philosopher Emerson and the natural mystic Whitman, were translated already around the turn of the century into German and found here a fast growing number of devotees. In 1904 the magazine “Neue Gedanken” appeared and was later on continued as „Die weiße Fahne” by the publishing company Baum, Pfullingen. Hereby the city librarian K.O. Schmidt of Reutlingen became the most important personality of the German New Thought Movement also as a head editor of this magazine as well as author of more than 100 books. His books were soon translated into several languages, so that he won European and, finally, worldwide importance, although he remained in his “quiet study room” and never exercised a public teaching activity. He was honoured in the USA with an honorary doctorate and with the Federal Service Cross in Germany, but he always remained of an external simplicity and modesty which made his inner greatness only the more perceptible to every not completely mind-blinded person. K.O.S. (so his world-renowned initials) was supported by similarly engaged authors like Felix Riemkasten, Hans Much, Otto Orlowsky and others.

It was the very special merit of K.O.S. and his friends that they even succeeded in saving “Die weiße Fahne” and the written property of the “Baum Publishing Company” from the pursuit of spiritual literature by the Nazis. Thus not only the magazine could be published with the subtitle “Signpost to successful lifestyle – time sheets for internalization and spiritualization – monthly scripture for remedial and life renewal”, but also numerous new books of K.O.S. as well, like “The Science of the Soul According to the Yoga Catechism of Patanjali” and “The German School of Life – the Standard Work of the Art of Living” (2 volumes with approx. 1000 pages!) and “The Books of the Blazing Heart” (2 volumes under the pseudonym “Hilarion”). And even in the middle of war in 1940 “Bhagavadgita – the high song of the action” was published, in spite of many learnt treatments of the Bhagavadgita still one of the best translations at all, which combines generally intelligible simplicity with linguistic beauty (written in form of a poem!).

What the New Thought movement at that time stood for, may be illustrated by the following publishing company announcement:

“12 titles give the instructions to profound self-contemplation: Thus prepared we become familiar with New Thought as a way to a new humanity by 14 titles. Then we can begin with our own New Thought life training. It starts with the renewal of our thinking by practical instructions (7 titles). Hand in hand with the renewal of thinking goes the renewal of life which is supported by 14 titles. Now with big steps we go into the real New Thought practise with the methods of the mastering of the ego in the “Books of the inner Work” (10 titles). From the mastering of the self we proceed to the mastering of life, while we read and obey the following instructions to the mastering of life from inside (36 titles). Now we have already penetrated deeply into the kingdom of the soul and are able to put the awoken soul forces if necessary in the service of spiritual healing. This purpose serve 15 scriptures.

The wide area of the New Thought practical psychology is opened by 15 scriptures. 13 titles give instructions to inner growth, open to the silence and to the obeying of inner guidance. The more one deals with the miracles of the inner universe, the more receptive the soul becomes at the same time for the sublimity of the infinite cosmos. About the relationship between man and universe inform 8 titles. As bridges to the certainty of immortality serve the scriptures, that lead to an experience of the eternal (22 titles). This results, in the end, to recognise and experience the dynamic religion in 9 scriptures. On this occasion, the advancing of the New Thought soul training recognises with the German mysticism in a releasing experience the irresolvable harmony with the infinite. Like the true mysticism New Thought stresses not so much the theory, but rather practice and action, as 18 titles show. The Books of the Blazing Heart form the conclusion and the coronation of the New Thought way, they want to be to the searching a guidepost to the knowledge of the flaming spirit in his heart, they want to accompany the human soul on her wandering through the world, and they want to be her leader on her universal passage from the homelessness in the material world to the primary home of the spirit.”

The whole offer encloses about 200 partially multi-volume titles, linked with a fundamental description of the New Thought way!

In the meantime – like in a relay race – differently named, but like-minded groups have taken over the torch of the flaming spirit and carry it further on to hand it over in the New Age again to new forms of expression of the One entity.

Dr. Hans Endres talking with Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett

Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett