Ernest Holmes

Founder of Science of Mind

Ernest Holmes lived, 21 January 1887 to 7th April 1960. His childhood he lived in Maine in the Northeastern United States. Later he moved to Boston and studied philosophy. He was one of the greatest philosophers of the past century.

His knowledge encompasses all philosophical and religious directions to Lao Tse and even further back. His intuitive findings correspond most of whom Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Troward.

His performance and his special merit, it was the best of all ages together and make a life philosophy to create deeper insight. This doctrine without dogma, superstition and fear that the whole of humanity understood and can be applied, as was known SCIENCE of MIND.

Ernest Holmes says that the force which directs the universe, was already known and he had discovered no secret. Rather, he explained in contemporary language of the effectiveness of the infallible laws and how they applied to the infinite good of life to learn. Since then, many millions of people who understood and consciously applied to have their blessings to themselves experienced.

Hardly a Philiosopher before Ernest Holmes understood it, so practical work to launch. This made him an outstanding pioneer of the movement of a new thinking and new for the people. 28 honorary doctorates from all over the world stand for the great importance and impact of this life lesson.

The main work of Dr. Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind, published in English in “The Science of Mind Textbook”), of which over one million copies were sold, he said through lifelong practical books such as

  • The Thing called Life
  • The Thing called You
  • Help for today
  • The knowledge is in the here and now ready

For millennia, the great minds of all cultures knowledge of the laws in the spiritual life lessons and philosophies down. With Science of Mind is now one of the biggest sources of inspiration of the past century. It forms the basis for the work lives of thousands of teachers and Spiritual centers for a holistic life. Some of the best known among them are:

  • Peggy Bassett
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith
  • Terry Cole Whittacker
  • Tom Costa
  • Ruth and Jack Deaton
  • Stuart Grayson
  • Louise Hay
  • William Hornaday
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett

Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett