Dietmar E. Hannebohn

(from left to right): Ursel and Dietmar Hannebohn with Roy Eugene Davis and his wife Carolyn

Dietmar co-organized in 1977 the first lecture tour of Roy Eugene Davis in Germany and Switzerland and enjoyed it of course also as a “personal driver” for Roy and Carolyn (with 130 miles/h – as Roy mentioned it later).

Photo below: Dietmar (middle) and Uschi Hannebohn visit the Centre for Spiritual Awareness led by Roy Eugene Davis in Lakemont/USA –
here with employees in the centre.


As I got to know Dietmar in 1977, he had already studied in detail the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali and had meditated (first with the comments of Vivekananda), and thus he logically came upon Paramahansa Yogananda. Already during the study of the “Autobiography” of Yogananda he experienced his first initiations. Therefore he was “well prepared” when I introduced “This is Reality”, the comment of Roy Eugene Davis on the Yoga Sutras in Frankfurt and reported on it, and about Roy Eugene Davis, the disciple of Yogananda. Then it was for him only a “short decision” to support the work important for him: The masters had brought us together…

Dietmar co-organized in 1977 the first lecture tour with Roy Eugene Davis through Germany and Switzerland and contributed his extensive knowledge and connections, supported the building up of CSA, made available the first office rooms for CSA in his office building and helped with the publication of the magazine and the first books. Later on he served some years as the 2nd Chairperson of the association CSA. In 1983 Dietmar was appointed by Roy Eugene Davis in Bad Vielbrunn as teaching representative (Reverend) for meditation and Kriya Yoga. Now Dietmar supports me with the organization of the forthcoming, varied activities, above all, in the area of events, seminars and publications.

 November 2007 in Los Angeles at AGAPE International: Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett (middle), Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith (right), Dietmar Hannebohn  (left).

Rev. Michael leads AGAPE International Spiritual Centre in Los Angeles founded by him, with more than 10,000 members. Rev. Michael counts as one of the essential spiritual forces of America and co-operates internationally with many well-known spiritual leaders.

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Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett