The creation of CSA

In 1978 Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett founded with friendly doctors the association CSA (Centre for Self-Activation) which was approved by the city of Bad Homburg as a public-benefit organisation, and led it for 25 years. In 1978 she founded the publishing company CSA as well. The purpose of both enterprises is to transmit knowledge, experiences and exercises for holistic health and personality development in word and writing.

Because she had experienced the great value of literature about self-activation, she committed herself to publish valuable writings in German. At first these were the books of Roy Eugene Davis who became her teacher. With him she carried out joint lectures and seminars in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland. Later on the works of Ernest Holmes and other authors were added. Roy Eugene Davis accompanied her development for ten years with active support.

By her lectures, seminars and workshops as well as by her articles in the CSA-Magazine edited by her she transmitted her inspiring experiences to many people in Central Europe. Extensive contributions of her were also published in the collections edited by Guenter Alfred Furtenbacher in the publishing company CSA.

In addition to the German-speaking space her work found recognition in other European countries as well as in the USA, in Mexico, Brazil, in the Ukraine and in Russia. She lectured on many international congresses. Her works were translated in English, in Russian, in Portuguese and in Spanish. The biggest congresses with international participation created and organised by her took place: in 1983 in the New Old Opera in Frankfurt, in 1987 and 1992 in the health resort house of Bad Homburg.



Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett