1st European INTA Congress

Opening Concert in the Old Opera House in Frankfurt (Germany)

INTA International New Thought Alliance – Retrospect on the first European INTA-Congress in 1983 in Frankfurt / Main
by Dr. phil. habil. Hans Endres

Approximately 1300 guests attended the opening ceremony in the Old Opera, the most representative building of Frankfurt. Dr. Peter von Lepel started the event with a basic reflection about the “New Thought” which should be expressed during the congress. It was followed by a welcoming speech given by Rosemarie Schneider, the president of INTA Europe. She expressed her satisfaction about the fact that now the long time wanted European INTA-Congress could be realised, thanks to her friends and employees and in particular her teacher Roy Eugene Davis, who has created the basis for it by his many years of serving in Europe. The realisation of this congress, she said, is again a clear example of the statement of Emerson: “If the evolutionary process intends an event, suitable canals are found at the right time in the right place to manifest this event.”

Fritz Kroger delivered the greetings of the city of Frankfurt and closed with the words: “For everybody who has helped in the reconstruction of the Old Opera, it is a special pleasure that with the first European INTA-Congress a spirit enters in this house which devotes itself to the same values to which it is consecrated: “To the true, the beautiful, the good”.

After a spirited song insert by the Jackson Singers spoke Dr. Blaine Mays, president of the INTA-World-Organisation. He confirmed the statement of Rosemarie Schneider that this congress has proven the principle of the realisation of creative imagination again: “Our common dream has in fact been realised here.”

Expected with tension started after a short break the live world premiere of “Nada Brahma – the world is sound” by Joachim Ernst Berendt in collaboration with the world-famous speaker Gert Westphal, the instrumental and vocal artists Kamalesh Moitra, Roberto Laneri and Jürgen Stegemann as well as the Frankfurt Vocal Ensemble. The simultaneous translation of the whole evening was done by Manfred Schmidt and Russell W. Smith.

Because it is impossible to describe the extremely impressive work – in fact an extraordinary synthesis of the east and west, nature and culture, word and music – in short words, it can only be recommended to acquire the record through the CSA-Bookroom to form a personal judgment in the post experience.

At the actual congress at the hotel CP Plaza participated about 550 spirit friends from the USA and Europe. The first day began at 9.00 o’clock with a lecture by Sig Paulson – “The five truths”. Then the already announced program went off – only interrupted by a longer lunch break and several short breaks – till 22.00 o’clock. For the prevented lecturers other significant speakers stepped in. Indeed, the receptiveness of the participants was thereby strongly strained, but in return it was offered, however, also an overwhelming abundance of individual aspects of the one truth. After the strenuous day the deep-felt meditation of Jane Paulson and the wonderful sound picture show “Pictures from another World” by Heita Copony and Dr. Wolfgang Dahlberg made a calming and inspiring conclusion.

The second day began already at 7.00 o’clock with a movement meditation by Renate von Luxburg and was filled again till 19.00 o’clock with a lot of presentations of like-minded spirit friends. It was indeed very impressive that a total of 21 lecturers with all their personal differences in the mode of expression, nevertheless, in her basic attitude fully agreed and complemented one another very well. Even if by the concentrated succession of contributions the answering of questions, the possibility of discussions or common group activities within the time at disposal came off badly, the advantage of such a harmonious and persuasive unity was even greater, nevertheless.

The day was concluded by a big ceremonial banquet where at first the Martin Luther King Singers with a real whirl of vivacious choral music and single presentations lifted the participants literally “from the chairs.” After the participants had refreshed themselves with the extensive vital buffet arranged by Dieter Beckers with the hotel kitchen, Dr. Blaine Mays thanked Rosemarie Schneider for having made it possible by her efforts, guidance and strength, that the vision of a European INTA-Congress as such a successful “historical event” could be realised. Rosemarie Schneider who had stressed during the congress repeatedly that without her friends and her enthusiastic team the congress never could have taken place, transmitted these thanks straight away to the lecturers who had made their contributions on a honorary basis, and the other auxiliaries, partially with a personal honouring call. Henry G. Alison, teaching representative of the United Church of Religious Science (Ernest Holmes), expressed that he has felt this congress to be most impressive of all INTA-Congresses up to now.

Then with astonishment and joy it was ascertained in detail, where from the participants all had come: From the different states of the USA, even from Hawaii, from Canada, Australia, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and of course Germany. Especially introduced were both European District presidents Lotte Riese for Austria and Heinz Stöckli for Switzerland. As the day before the evening ended in a common meditation which was led by Jane Paulson.

On Sunday the congress was finished with an address by Ruth Faulkner, chairpersons of the United Church of Religious Science (Ernest Holmes), and a final celebration full of atmosphere at which I spoke about “Sowing and Harvest in the Nature and in the Human Life” and led – accompanied by Renate von Luxburg with the table harp – a peace meditation. Dr. Wolfgang Dahlberg made a final speech as well and accompanied the common song “Great God we praise you” with the harmonium.

Dr. Peter von Lepel led through the whole congress in a connecting and obliging way. All together this first European INTA-Congress was internally carried by a high spiritual vibration as well as externally made a great journalistic success. CSA Europe, as a local organizer, has made considerable financial spending for INTA and the representative Old Opera and the exclusive “Nada Brahma” constituted the biggest load. As the whole CSA team was fully occupied for three months with the preparation and running of the congress, CSA had to postpone own activities (for example a lecture tour with Roy Eugene Davis, seminars of Rosemarie Schneider etc.) and, in addition, to carry the whole risk of the event. However, we are firmly convinced of the fact that with the proven cohesion of CSA even the financial aspect can be balanced again.

All congressional contributions were recorded on cassettes and are to be obtained by the CSA book room.

During the first European INTA-Congress Roy Eugene Davis has christened on Saturday morning five children after his lecture and has asked for the divine blessing for parents and children.

Workshops during the Congress – some participants


Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett