10 years CSA Centre for self-activation
Extract from the CSA-Magazine No. 7/1987




Dear friends,

with this magazine we let you participate with words and pictures in the events of November 1987 on the occasion of the ten-year-old existence of our CSA work.

Subject of the conference that took place on 11.18. – 22. in Bad Homburg was “To live and work in the feeling of oneness”. All participants have helped during the conference by their engagement to realise this subject together, wherefore we thank them here once again warmly. We hope that by this magazine somewhat of the atmosphere of this being together, which we were allowed to experience, becomes perceptible for you.

How the consciousness and feeling of the oneness can be described and what helps us to live in it, we want to report by a small choice of the conference lectures. For those who would like to hear still more from these lectures we have produced audio cassettes.

Participants have described us in subsequent letters their experience of the conference which we want to share with you. At this point we would like to thank for the many letters with comments to the events and ask for understanding that we can print only some of it.

In addition, we have selected some texts from the world literature on the subject of the conference for this magazine which Rosemarie Schneider and Siegfried Weyers have recited during the aesthetic climax of the conference, the evening with “Music and Poetry”. The recitations were accompanied by the piano play of the world-famous pianist Maciej Lukaszczyk whose masterly performances with works of Chopin filled us all with enthusiasm.

After opening the conference Rosemarie Schneider gave an explanation of her situation with Roy Eugene Davis. Afterwards Sig Paulson, who is a friend of Roy since more than 30 years, spoke about his perception of the present changes, as they take place within CSA and other groups and social areas. (Both statements can be found on the conference cassette TO.) With these and other lectures Sig Paulson managed to catch everybody with his joy and love. His wife Jane led with her meditations into the awareness of the unity. Our both other American lecturers, Ruth Faulkner Deaton and her husband Jack, gave us by their knowledge and their experiences deep insights into the “Healing from the Consciousness of the Unity”.

By the different approaches of the 18 lecturers to the conference subject the variety within the unity became quite clear. All lecturers shared their own experiences on the spiritual path and have revealed their innermost core which led to an intensive exchange between them and the participants in the breaks as well and a deep togetherness was experienced. Here again we would like to express to all lecturers and all auxiliaries our thanks for having engaged themselves so fully and completely.

We are glad that the long-standing friendship between Rosemarie and the American as well as most German conference lecturers, teaching representatives and group leaders of CSA found so beneficial an expression for the participants at the conference and in the intensive seminar. Especially we are looking forward to the further free cooperation and mutual support without organizational regulations with all lecturers for which the encounters during the days in common inspired us. We describe specific plans with the view of our activities for 1988 which we give you with the attached writing.

During the intensive seminar preceding the conference from the 14. to the 17.11.87 a living exchange took place in small groups as well as in the big group. Under the direction of Knut Hansen and Rosemarie Schneider the participants considered the question: “How do I serve my next one?” They worked out in groups what connects us on the way to self-activation and which bases and obstacles for a successful help to self-help we can find. (See also the report of Knut Hansen) Examples and suggestions of their service to the next one were reported by single participants from the respective study groups on behalf of their group within a final round. During the last but one seminar day CSA friend Karin Meissner lectured on the subject: “Let go and dying attendance”. She reported from her own experience of her service to the next one and will give a working group and further lectures due to the great interest. Further details in the next magazine and in the attached writing.

Within the scope of both events Rosemarie Schneider gave a public lecture on the subject “Self-activation for a Fulfilled Life” in which many citizens and health resort guests of the city Bad Homburg participated. On this occasion she introduced her just published book “Geistes-gegen-wärtig-leben”?, which exited much interest.

As a conclusion of the events on the 26.11. an evening seminar with the American lecturers and Rosemarie Schneider was held in Munich that we organised together with the Centre for Personality Development and Self-help – CPS. We thank at this point for the good cooperation with CPS and in particular his leader Manfred Schmidt for his excellent translation of the American lecturers in this evening as well as at the conference which he rendered as a friendship service. On his invitation Rosemarie Schneider gave another lecture on the 20th February 1988 in Munich.


Rosemarie Schneider-Bassett